IDMB Project Assistant

Project Tracking and Reporting

Managing projects of all sizes can require significant effort and man-hours simply to produce the obligatory status reports. In addition, ensuring that all actions or tasks are properly completed can be tiresome unless you have a central repository and simple tracking mechanism.

Managing scope, deliverables, tasks/actions, requirements and RAID often leech project management time from the business of delivery, and can create a wasteful inertia. You can't avoid reporting, it is crucially important; but, you CAN save time and energy getting there.

Try our multi-user, multi-device Project Assistant and keep track with ease.


Project and workstream charters


Definition, acceptance criteria and approvals


Task management and reporting, including Summary Gantt charting


Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependency Management


Comprehensive decision management and reporting


Central actions log for complete control across the project

Change Requests

Change request management and reporting. Keep control of scope


Key contacts and stakeholders


Define, estimate and manage business requirements

And many more...

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Don't tie your team to a desk

Keep work flowing using mobile devices. Making sure everyone has the latest picture wherever they are

Simplicity and ease of use by design

Clean screans and simple navigation make it a joy to use

Simple Menu System

Click and go with comprehensive help at screen and field levels

Powerful Search and Navigation

To get you to the data you need FAST

In-Built Security

With User roles, encrypted passwords and Captcha protection

Comprehensive management reporting

Takes the strain out of status tracking and reporting

ManagemeNt Dashboards

Provides up to the minute Status

Group, Summarise and Sort

All User Configurable so you can get exactly what you need

Graphs and Charts

Directly from the data

User configurability

Lets you personalise your screens and reports

Change Screen and Report Columns

To get just the data you need

Sort and Filter results

To see only what you want

Export your data

For even more flexibility when reporting

Advanced options

For greater power and control

Multiple Workstreams

So you can structure and segregate your project

Upload from Spreadsheets

So you can integrate notes taken off-line

Comprehensive Audit Trail

So you can check access and who has made what changes to the data

Pricing Tables


Price per month

£12.00 £

  • 1 Project
  • 2 Workstream
  • 2 Users
  • Limited Export
  • Advanced Functions
  • Special Offer - 1 year FREE
  • Small Project

    Price per month

    £35.00 £

  • 1 Project
  • 10 Workstreams
  • 10 Users
  • Full Export
  • Advanced Functions
  • I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions


    Price per month

    £75.00 £

  • 1 Project
  • Unlimited Workstreams
  • 50 Users
  • Full Export
  • Advanced Functions
  • I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions


    Contact for Quote

    • Vary Users or Workstreams
    • Multi-project Solution
    • Company dedicated solution
    • Self-hosted Solutions (e.g. Within your firewall)
    • Annual Contract

    • Please contact us at with your requirements, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
    The project Assistant is priced 'per project' so if you wish to use 2 projects, then you will need 2 subscriptions. However, in most cases, multiple sub-projects can be accommodated using the workstream functionality

    A perfect solution for every project